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How Long Does It Take Compassion Center To Get Me My Medical Cannabis Card?

That’s a great question! We get it all the time. Answer: Depends on the state, and while that is really vague and we apologize, we celebrate the fact that patients in the State of Louisiana can get same day service in the dispensary of their choice, while patients in states like California and Oregon can wait weeks once the Compassion Center submits their paperwork to the state, although Oregon allows you to print temporary credentials that are accepted by almost all jurisdictions. In some cases, the patients submit the paperwork to the state so the Compassion Center isn’t apprised on those times or the times. However, Compassion Center strives to process all patient consultations within 3 weeks of booking the appointment, if at all possible, that means that if an opening comes available and you are next in line, you may get bumped up so keep your phone handy.

How Does Compassion Center Help Me Obtain My Medical Cannabis Card?

Most Medical Marijuana Programs allow telemedicine appointments using either a smartphone and WhatsApp or Signal, or Zoom, for secure encrypted video conferencing with the doctor.

All of Compassion Center’s physicians are licensed, experienced, well educated and informed, not to mention compassionate. Call 1-844-THC-COMPASSION (844-842-2667) or locally (541)484-6558, and press extension 6 to schedule an appointment or for obtaining further information.

Our mobile application and patient hotline are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so please leave a message and someone will get right back to you.

Compassion Center physicians and nurse practitioners require each patient to have a most-recent and current medical record that documents the existence of one or more of the conditions for which medical cannabis is authorized under their state laws.

Patients must either obtain their medical records themselves (which may involve a fee) and submit them no less than 14 days prior to their appointment. Returning patients can bring them in to their appointment (in-person only), or you may sign a HIPAA authorization indicating that you want your medical records to be faxed or mailed to one of our clinics.

Since Compassion Center’s doctors and nurse practitioners consult directly with patients, solely and exclusively, about their qualification for medicinal cannabis, and elects not act as a patient’s primary physician, Compassion Center requires that all of our patients have at least one other licensed physician in their continuum of care.

Steps to Getting an Appointment:

Step 1: NEW PATIENT: In order to even schedule an appointment you must first have:

1) CHART NOTES: (Note: These are the notes that your doctor keeps in your medical file.) These records need to be current, including a complete history of the past three years AND MUST pertain to your qualifying condition. Compassion Center only needs chart notes from 3-4 recent visits, indicating notation and/or treatment on your qualifying condition. These can be UP TO three years old. For example: If you visited the doctor in September of 2020, those records could be used until September of 2023. Please do not send older documents unless requested.

2) CHART NOTES must be from an MD (medical doctor) or a DO (doctor of osteopathy). In some states, like Oregon, patients may be able to use records from a NP (nurse practitioner).

In most other states, doctors cannot use records from a NP or PA.

C) Any recent MRI or x-ray REPORTS (not required, but desirable if applicable). Please don’t send the film, just the report.

Step 2: You can have your doctor’s office fax or mail your medical records to us directly, or send them in yourself. In either case, we need the documents and YOUR telephone number for pre-appointment questions and/or clarification.

Note: Please BE SURE to clarify with your doctor’s office that you only need 3-4 visits of chart notes pertaining to your qualifying condition, not necessarily your entire medical record. Also ask your doctor’s office to include your phone # with the fax. (This speeds up verification.)

Please fax medical records to: 541-484-6558 or deliver/mail them to your local Compassion Center.

Step 3: Wait for up to 14 days for Compassion Center’s pre-qualification team to review your medical records and/or chart notes and contact you with any additional questions, if any. If you don’t hear from us during that time period, please contact us by phone.

Call 1-844-THC-COMPASSION Extension 6 to schedule an appointment or for further information.

Can Compassion Center Help Me Manage My Healthcare?

Yes. Certainly. Compassion Center is dedicated to professional education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovations that serve categorically complex, terminally ill and underserved populations with improved access to affordable, knowledgeable and skilled healthcare professionals and practitioners. As such, Compassion Center, Holistic Health Now, IntegrativeECS and MSOplus empower that mission by lowering the overall cost burden for providers, facilities and clinics doing business, and passing those savings on to our stakeholders so they may in turn serve more patients and expand accordingly to the need. Compassion Center provides Concierge Cannabinology, Medical Cannabis Evaluations and Recommendations, Professional Education, Research, Development, Program Incubation, Management Services and Business Process Outsourcing for Medical Providers and Medical Facilities/Clinics. To learn more, visit: MSOplus.com or Click on “For Providers” under the “About Us” link.

Does Compassion Center Provide Any Cannabis or Cannabis-Based Products?

No. Not Under Any CIrcumstances. Compassion Center is a medical clinic and nonprofit management services organization and does not provide any products outside those professional services and the educational, advocacy and innovation portions of our scope. In the event that you are offered products by an affiliate, please contact the Office of Accountability & Transparency at OAT@compassion-center.org to report the instance, provider, location and circumstances surrounding the incident. All reports are confidential.

How Can Compassion Center Empower my healthcare Journey?

From evaluating and recommending medical cannabis to managing the (Endo)Cannabinology scope of the integrative medicine, developing concierge care plans and advocating on behalf of patients and their rights to choose, Compassion Center leads the edge of innovation delivering healthcare to underserved populations.

How can I register and book an appointment?

New patients can register for an account, and book appointments from their dashboard, by clicking on the “Make An Appointment” button on the header. From there, you will be taken to a screen where you can log in or register for an account. Additionally, patients can search the app store (Google Play and iTunes) for the MyCompassionCenter App, download it and register to keep Compassion Center, and their providers, at their finger tips.

Does Compassion Center, IntegrativeECS or Holistic Health Now bill insurance?

No. Compassion Center provides sliding scale services to patients, offers a membership based wellness plan and provides concierge care for a monthly fee.

Note: If you feel that you may qualify as “low income”, and have SNAP benefits to prove it, you can apply to Compassion Center for a reduced fee. Additionally, Veterans and first responders can apply for a reduced fee as a courtesy for their service and dedication to the public. To qualify for reduced fees, please submit a current copy of your credentials and/or benefits cards to scheduling@compassion-center.org for consideration, approval or scheduling.

What is Compassion Center: MSOplus?

The management services arm, MSOplus provides business process outsourcing, customer service, scheduling, records management, EHR management, IT, billing, coding, accounts receivable, compliance, administration and management to providers, clinics, facilities and healthcare systems. As such, you will see MSOplus managing everything from clinics to surgery centers, emergency rooms, urgent cares and aesthetics clinics. MSOplus provides more for less and in a compliant packaged solution.

What is the Compassion Center's refund policy?

Even better question! Just click the Appointment+ button located in the top right of this screen, or any of the ones located throughout the website, select Compassion Center, the state and service that you want, choose your date and time and make the payment, then just sit back and relax. Someone will be in touch within three business days, max, and you will be on track. Thank you for choosing Compassion Center.

What is the Compassion Center's refund policy?

There are no refunds. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance. Missed appointments (without 24 hours notice) forfeit their fees.

I don't want help managing my cannabis usage, I just want a card, can I still get one?

No. There are plenty “card mills” out there. Compassion Center exclusively manages patients evaluations, recommendations and care so that their medical cannabis is safely, and effectively, synergized with their individual circumstances, body type and metabolism since no two patients, or plants or products, are alike.

Do I have to be a resident?

That is another great question. There are certain states who open up their medical cannabis programs to out of state residents, however, that is state-dependent and depends on the circumstances. States like Nevada offer reciprocation, while States like Oregon do not. In the past, out-of-state residents abused Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program and ruined it for refuges.

What health conditions qualify for the program?

That is another great question. There are certain conditions authorized in certain states, so there are no blanket answers. Check with your state program for a comprehensive list of conditions covered under your state’s statutory limitations.

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