Why Trust Us?

Why Patients Trust Compassion Center
Unparalleled Experience: Since 2001

Founded by patients, for patients, in the name of patients: It is a long established fact that the Compassion Center was established to serve those less fortunate, and it has served tens of thousands along the way from categorically complex to terminally ill and every stage in between. From education, referrals and ongoing care to patient advocacy, management services and healthcare innovation, Compassion Center advances the cause on behalf of patients. Schedule an appointment today and learn why Compassion Center is the undisputed International leader in (Endo)Cannabinology, Wellness Optimization and Individualized Treatment Plan Development and Implementation.

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Qualified Clinicians

Our team of highly skilled and trusted clinicians are trained, accredited and supervised by industry leading practitioners and educators focused on the patients, science, safety, treatment plans, outcomes and individual to best ensure patients get the best guidance on each individualized treatment plan option. Not all products are created equally, and that goes the same for providers, therefore Compassion Center takes a proactive approach to professional CME education development ensuring our providers remain on the leading edge of innovation.

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Bridging Solutions

Accessing cutting edge and otherwise disruptive diagnostics, including DNA and biophotonic, has never been easier and can compliment a wide variety of treatment plans because knowing what one is targeting and/or up against is not only essential to re-directing resources towards a more positive and responsive outcome overall, its vital to getting the most out of your patient-provider relationship. Here, conventional, ancient, alternative and integrative treatment modalities are merged to compliment the patient, not necessarily a particular discipline, belief, provider or otherwise.

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24/7 Connection

For patients that want a more intimate connection wirh Compassion Center, we provide a mobile app for patients to use 24/7/365 for connecting to their care team. Rather its for messaging providers, accessing care plans or scheduling appointments, there is never a need to wait on hold. Patients just log in, message or schedule their next exam and when its time, attend their consultation right from the privacy of their home, or on the go, whatever works best for them in their journey back towards optimal wellness. Book your appointment today and learn why!

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