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Patient Services

Compassion Center: Patient Services

From education, advocacy and innovation to individualized care management, Compassion Center takes pride in fostering and managing wellness lifestyles, assisting those with categorically complex, chronic and terminal illnesses live a quality life.

Integrating cannabinology into treatment plans offers enhanced symptom management, personalized approaches, reduced reliance on conventional medications, improved patient engagement, broader treatment options, and a holistic approach to health, optimizing therapeutic outcomes and empowering patients in their journey to wellness.


There is a specialized field within healthcare referred to as cannabis nursing, which focuses on the therapeutic use of medical cannabis. In addition to possessing extensive knowledge of cannabis pharmacology, therapeutic applications, and patient care, our cannabis nurses are highly trained professionals. Providing personalized guidance on the safe and effective use of cannabis for various medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and more, they work closely with patients.


Using the therapeutic potential of medical marijuana, The Compassion Center offers specialized addiction treatment services. Our experienced healthcare professionals create personalized treatment plans that address each individual's unique needs, focusing on safe and effective use of cannabis to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Medical cannabis can pose risks for geriatric patients if not supervised properly. Concerns include cognitive decline, psychiatric disorders, respiratory issues, impaired cognition and behavior, dependency, medication interactions, and legal considerations. While it may offer benefits, cautious use under medical guidance is crucial. Careful evaluation, alternative treatments, and consultation with knowledgeable healthcare providers are advised for elderly patients considering medical cannabis therapy.


Pediatric medical cannabis integration necessitates precise dosing and strict doctor supervision. Understanding the ECS's role in pediatric health, specialized pediatric cannabinologists tailor treatment plans for conditions like autism, Crohn's, and migraines, as well as a host of other genetic disorders. Parents are empowered with clear treatment goals and are guided towards consistent and reliable medicine. Advocating and educating within healthcare teams ensures comprehensive care for pediatric patients and peace of mind for parents and caregivers.


Medical cannabis impact on mental well-being varies by individualized factors like the person's genetic makeup, their medical condition(s), dosage(s), and strain(s). While it can have adverse reactions, it also offers therapeutic benefits for conditions like anxiety and depression. While it may pose risks, including psychiatric disorders for some, proper supervision can avert some of those concerns and mitigate concern. Moderation, professional guidance, and awareness of legal and social factors are critical for mental well-being and balancing mind-body-spirit.

Compassion Center Is Proud to Introduce:

Welcome to the world’s first Integrative EndoCannabinology
(ECS) Clinic Management
Services Program for Patients

Recognizing an emerging need, Compassion Center has concentrated the best in class standards, policies and management protocols to empower other clinicians, clinics and healthcare systems to safely integrate and manage endocannabinology because Compassion Center is all about Integrative ECS and reintegrating medical cannabis into mainstream healthcare, clinics, hospitals and specialty healthcare facilities. Reach out today and see how our providers can improve your quality of life.

  • Compliance with State Laws & Regulations
  • Clinical ECS Integrations with Primary Care
  • Patients are Supported by Physicians and Nurses
  • Third-Party Accredited CME Education Programs
  • Management of Chronic Usage and Addiction
  • Increase Your Quality of Life, TODAY!
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