Easy Care Management

Compassion Center patients are in control, and capable of accessing their patient portal 24/7, 365, with easy access to their patient coordinator, and answers.

Easy Rescheduling Policy

Things happen, we get it. We just like to be informed of these changes, and will reschedule any appointment up to 24 hours in advance, for free, as a courtesy to patients and members.

Groups & Networking Events

Peer support is part of the natural healing process, and Compassion Center provides several options for networking, including groups, events and other types of fun outings.

24/7 Patient Support

Compassion Center provides each of our patients 24/7 access to their care team via a patient portal, so not only can you reach out to your doctor, you can go directly to nurses, nutritionists and more, at the push of a button.

On-Demand Scheduling

Compassion Center provides patients 24/7/365 direct access to providers' schedules in every state we serve, via booking portals and patient portals, because its important to schedule appointments on your time.

On-Location Services

Compassion Center provides a variety of on-location services, including professional education, community clinics, and other specialized events and services, that only the Compassion Center can deliver.

Compassion Center

We are here to serve: patients, providers and community stakeholders alike. In the event that you, or your company, feel as though our team of educators, advocates or providers can be of assistance to you, an entity or nonprofit organization, please feel free to reach out to our Director of Community Relations, and they will be happy to discuss things further.

Compassion Center

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