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Despite the stigmas associated with integrative medicine, Compassion Center has taken a stand to responsibly, ethically
and proficiently reintegrate medical cannabis therapeutics and care management into mainstream medicine where it was
previously prescribed for thousands of years. Taking a medical approach to the ancient art of healing, Compassion Center
sets the global standard of care through.collaboration, organization and administrative excellence. Compassion Center’s
own Center For Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) empowers the Community-Based Clinical Cannabis Evaluation &
Research Network (CBCCERN), a nationwide network of organized clinical researchers dedicated to optimizing patient
wellness, naturally. Learn more about Compassion Center, and its various divisions by visiting the parent org. website at Compassion Center, and its affiliates encourage all to learn more, join us and participate in
their own wellness journey because conventional medicine isn’t designed to do it for you!


Compassionate Providers

Compassion Center fosters a culture of inclusion and compassion among, and within, its executive, middle-management and professional workforces focusing the future of healthcare on what matters most: patient wellness. Leading the future change by setting the bars, Compassion Center combines state-of-the-art technology, clinical management services, leading edge standards and policies with educated medical professionals and diagnostics, amplifying proven, ancient and traditional healing modalities with conventional medicine, diet and nutrigenomics to optimize total human wholeness

Accountable Practices

Setting the example we wish to see, Compassion Center maintains accountability and transparency through a series of policies managed and driven in accordance with Board expectations through the Office of Accountability & Transparency (OAT), an operating extension of the Board of Directors dedicated to investigating, auditing and realigning the organization. From credentialing to evaluating and driving measurable impacts, the OAT is at the forefront of redirecting healthcare innovations. To learn more about the OAT, visit

Professional Management

With over 20 years experience in management services, Compassion Center leads by example empowering communities, providers and patients with the latest in state-of-the-art technologies, solutions and therapeutics. Regardless of size, Compassion Center empowers single-provider practices just as proficiently as they empower entire healthcare systems managing a continuum of care and every stage of life in the cycle.To learn more about Compassion Center's management services, please visit:

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